mvno billing system: mvne billing system, mobile billing system, mno billing system

MVNO/MNO Charging, Radius/AAA, Diameter server
and LTE Billing for LTE 4G, 5G, MVN/MVNO, IOT, M2M, GSM (GPRS/GGSN/3G) and CDMA

Aradial Mobile is an adaptation of the Aradial product to the Mobile world supporting:
  • Latest standards from 3GPP
  • MNO/MVNO prepaid and postpaid billing.
  • PCRF - fully featured Policy control for Mobile. Diameter: Gx and Gy/Ro/Rf.
  • Combine PCRF and charging.
  • Policy rules for DPI and NASes.
  • HSS for LTE and IMS - based on Diameter or Radius.
  • 3G Wifi Offloading.
  • Support LTE EPC cores including our own HSS.
  • 5G ready.
  • M2M Billing including all the components.
  • IOT billing.
  • MVNO Billing system (MVNE Billing).
  • PDSN and GPRS Wireless Mobile operators (as a joint network solution with Cisco PDSN & GPRS, Huawei PDSN, and others).
  • GPRS Broadband Data
  • PDSN Broadband Data
  • LTE Broadband Data
  • Generic packet Data Cisco, Juniper, Redback, Alcatel, Nokia, IPOQUE, ALCATEL, Neragon, Mikrotik and others
  • Mobile VOIP
  • VoLTE support with Neragon.
  • Interfaces for integrating existing Customer Care & Billing Systems
  • Interfaces for Integration existing IN (Intelligent Network) Online Charging (OCS)
  • Fully integrate with Yatebts core for MVNO and MVNE billing.

Aradial Radius and PCRF is used in GPRS to correlate between the subscriber's phone ID and the IP Address and provide the subscribers' IP network profile.

The network elements use the RADIUS/DIAMETER protocol to communicate with Aradial.

Aradial authenticates the subscriber and its service requests, and serves as a Gateway to external authenticators (CRM, Online Billing system, LDAP servers).

Aradial Convergent LTE Billing, Policy Control and AAA for LTE

  • Convergent Billing: Prepaid and Postpaid
  • Multiple services: LTE, Mobile 2G/3G/4G, IOT, Wimax, ISP, Wifi, 3G offloading and VOIP
  • RADIUS module
  • Diameter module
  • PCRF
  • LTE charging
  • IOT charging
  • Partner Management
  • MVNO Billing
  • M2M Billing
  • IPv6 support
  • Learn more: Aradial Convergent Billing

Aradial Mobile SMART-HLR Gateway - Wifi Offload MAP Gateway

Enable seamless authentication for Wi-Fi offload using EAP-SIM / AKA. Using an SS7 integrated MAP Gateway, either SIGTRAN or SS7 cards.

Aradial LTE Wifi Offload using Diameter Swx

Aradial added support for calling MNO or MVNO HSS to perform seamless authentication for Wi-Fi offload using EAP-SIM / AKA.