converged billing, convergent billing software

ISP Billing software & ISP Radius server

Aradial has high performance full-featured products: ISP Billing system & RADIUS server. Boasting excellent performance and technological superiority, Aradial radius server is the unquestioned market leader in its class.

Aradial Convergent ISP Billing software

  • Convergent ISP Billing: Prepaid and Postpaid
  • Multiple services: ISP, Wifi, WISP, VOIP, Wimax, MVNO, Mobile and LTE
  • CRM / Customer service
  • Partner management (PRM)
  • RADIUS module
  • Diameter module
  • Policy Control - PCRF module
  • IPv6 module
  • Learn more: Aradial Convergent Billing

Aradial Radius Features

  • HTML customized administration
  • Extended HTML UI for user database and groups of users.
  • High-performance and reliable server.
  • Bandwidth, time and traffic control per group or per user
  • Customer self care module.
  • Customizable and per location captive portal for Hotspot/Wifi.
  • Support for VOIP, Dial-up, WISP, Wifi, Mesh, WiMAX and DSL on the same platform.
  • Supports most Access Points and Access controllers.
  • UAM solution for hotspots: Mikrotik, Cisco WLC, Cambium, Rockus, HP Curve/Colubris, Aruba, Mimosa, Nomadix, Meraki, ValuePoint, Planet, ZyXEL, Monowall, Linksys, Chillispot, Coova, PfSense, Buffalotech, Dlink and more.
  • Mobile AAA server for GSM 3G, GPRS, CDMA2000, LTE.
  • IPv6 is support.

Spotngo Mobile for ISP Billing: Prepaid Voucher, Prepaid cards and Payment system

It is a low cost system integrated with Aradial Enforcer.
Spotngo main features are:
  • Full solution for Hotels, Internet Cafe' and providers.
  • Aradial Radius server software with time and traffic enforcement.
  • Access restrictions based on time and day.
  • Simple generation of users/cards accounts.
  • Prepaid cards life cycle and templates.
  • Top-up / Refillable voucher.
  • Configurable login page portal / Walled Garden.
  • The Ability to brand and advertise your products.
  • Portal supports multiple locations - presenting different portals.
  • Reseller/Dealer.
  • UAM solution for hotspots: Mikrotik, Cisco WLC, HP Curve/Colubris, Cambium, Purewave, Nomadix, Runcom, Meraki, Ruckus Zone Director, ValuePoint, Planet, ZyXEL, Monowall, Linksys, Chillispot, Coova, PfSense, Buffalotech, Dlink and more.
  • Credit Card payment (and PayPal) and pricing plans.
  • Multi merchant gateway support.
  • User Sign-up and Payment using purchased voucher cards.
  • User self care module.
  • Usage reports and statistics.
  • Remote management of radius server and access point gateway.
  • Additional Access Point / Gateways can be added at anytime.
  • Users and card management in a database.
  • Extra users can be purchased as the operation grows.
Aradial provides extensive support for: ISP, Wireless LAN, Mobile Companies.

High Availability and Reliability

Aradial provides Tier 1 reliability and high availability 99.999%.

Using Clustering and Database replication (RAC), Aradial achieves the goal of 99.999% High Availability.


Aradial radius server provides Tier 1 scalability. Built on real-time infrastructure, Multithreading and multiprocessor along with accounting monthly partitioning, Aradial can support millions of subscribers in low latency.

Due to the fact that Aradial radius server has excellent performance low cost hardware is needed for it operations

Web based administration with roles

Aradial has a 100% Web interface used with its internal Web Server or ISAP or NSAPI. The administrators can access the server using a secure connection access from anywhere in the world. The Web interface supports:
  • Configuring the RADIUS
  • User management and group of users management
  • Role bases user interface
  • Business Entities managment grouping and managment per segment
  • Statistics
  • Users Usage queries
  • Active session administration
  • POD and COA support
  • REST API for external system managment and provisioning
Support all the RADIUS Standard RFC's and more
  • RADIUS standard
  • Diameter standard
  • EAP over Radius
  • IPv6
  • xDSL
  • Vendor specific attributes
  • Proxying target billing systems API's