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Aradial WiMAX Billing and AAA/Radius solutions

Aradial AAA and prepaid billing products are servicing internet service providers since 1997. High-end service providers with millions of subscribers and smaller providers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and Network infrastructures.

Our products for WiMAX AAA, WiMAX CSN and billing are leading in WiMAX technology. Our products are compliant to WiMAX forum for both 802.16d and 802.16e.

Aradial implemented the AAA and billing standards for new WiMAX technologies including advanced integration with ASN-Gateways as well as with regular WiFi Access controllers. Both WiMAX, wireline broadband, Wifi / Hotspots, VOIP and Mobile can be served on the same Aradial AAA or prepaid billing servers in parallel.

Aradial can be deployed at the NOC or locally at the end points. It integrates with the ASN-Gateway and provides the full Data and VOIP solutions. Through our partners, we can provide full solutions such as:

  • WiMAX Data services.
  • WiMAX Mobile Voice services.
  • AeroMACS support.
  • Deploying VOIP services using the WiMAX backbone.
  • Deploying WiFi services using the WiMAX backbone.
  • Deploying LTE services side by side WiMAX.

WiMAX AAA/Radius and Billing product features
  • WiMAX Forum standards compliant
    - AAA fully 16d and 16e compliant including:
    - Authentication and accounting
    - EAP-TTLS for authentication adapted to the WiMAX standard.
    - Integration with leading ASN-gateways partners
    - Integration with WiFi Access controller (for example: Mikrotik, Wavion, Nomadix, Colubris, etc)
  • AAA fully 802.16d, 802.16e compliant
  • Scalability and Real-time AAA functionalities
  • Cost effective solution and fast ROI
  • Billing and Ordering:
    - All services, such as Broadband Data, VOIP, Voice, IPTV, VOD for WiMAX.
    - Allows controlling the users balance, time and traffic in real-time and with zero leakage.
  • Advanced user management for subscribers.
  • Advance creation of prepaid cards.
  • Self ordering and provisioning
    redirection to activation portal at zero balance and purchasing plans through Spotngo portal.
  • Multiple resources -
    allows the user to have multiple user ids on the same account (e.g. Multiple phone numbers, data services usernames, connected to the same account).
  • Integration with external billing system and future systems - Advanced APIs for external billing integration both for real-time events and provisioning.
  • Aradial supports the following radio vendors and more: Runcom, Airspan, Alvarion, Soma, Motorola, Samsung, Redline, Nortel, Alcatel Lucent, Navini, Aperto, YmaxTelecom, Winenetworks, and more.

Aradial Convergent Billing

  • Convergent Billing: Prepaid and Postpaid
  • Multie services: ISP, Wifi, VOIP, Wimax, Mobile and LTE
  • RADIUS module
  • Diameter module
  • IPv6 module
  • Learn more: Aradial Convegent Billing

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