voip/voice billing software

VOIP Billing Software and VOIP Radius server

Aradial VOIP AAA & Billing is a high performance full-featured RADIUS & Prepaid cards application server for VOIP.
Demonstrating excellent performance and technological superiority, Aradial RADIUS server is one market leader in its class.

  • It is easy to use, scalable and features a plug-in architecture for fast enhancements.
  • Please review: Convergent Billing - Prepaid and Postpaid support.
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Aradial's 100% web-based interface ensures easy administration from anywhere.
  • Web and phone-based subscriber self care.
  • Dealer Management - let the dealer has his own scope in your system.
  • Coupled with a state server that allows you to know exactly what is happening in the network.
  • Can use its own user database, an external compliant database or connect to an LDAP server
  • Integrates with your IVR or Sip proxy for calling cards billing application.
  • Integrates with your existing billing system.
  • Aradial provides high-availability using an N+1 active-active configuration.
  • Real-time database replication using: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle replication (RAC).
  • Aradial is deployed by operators of all sizes looking to roll out Voice over IP services.
  • Aradial VOIP is integrated with most of the popular Softswitches, gatekeepers and SIP proxy servers from vendors like Cisco, Telrad, VocalTec, Mailvision, Quintum, Mera, Netge, Veraz, Nextone, IPtel, Alcatel, AudioCodes and other compliant.
  • Aradial supports Asterisk (using RADIUS plug-in).
  • Aradial is compliant with open source VOIP gatekeepers such as GnuGK, OpenH323, OpenSer.

Features for VOIP billing

  • Authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA) and real time VOIP billing.
  • Converged prepaid and postpaid system.
  • Converged services: VOIP, Wifi, xDSL, Dialup and Mobile in the same software.
  • Customer management system.
  • Reseller/Affiliate management.
  • Full support for Cisco RADIUS VSA to work with IVRs, SIP applications servers, and B2BUAs.
  • Full support Alcatel RADIUS VSA compatible IVRs, SIP applications servers, and B2BUAs.
  • Prepaid card application with SIP proxy servers and B2BUAs.
  • SIP Proxies: Vocaltec, Telrad, Audiocodes, Mailvision, Cisco, Netge and others.
  • Supports open source GNU Gatekeeper and SER (http://www.gnugk.org)
  • ANI based (caller id) VOIP billing.
  • IP Phone and MAC VOIP billing.
  • SIP, H323 and MGCP billing in the same VOIP RADIUS billing software.
  • Support for Cisco Debit card TCL application.
  • Full traffic, statistic and monetary reports.


  • Aradial VOIP RADIUS server provides Tier 1 scalability.
  • Built on real-time infrastructure.
  • Multithreading and multiprocessor.
  • Allows load balancing.
  • Accounting database partitioning.
  • Aradial can support millions of subscribers in high throughput and low latency.

    Due to the fact that Aradial VOIP RADIUS server has excellent performance,

VOIP Wholesale Billing and Carrier Settlement
Termination and Origination reports

  • Origination and Termination reporting based on RADIUS CDRS.
  • Carriers are defined by Tech Prefix, IP or combinations.
  • Rating tables per provider's Tech prefix (carrier).
  • A..Z table assigned per tariff.
  • Call is split to intervals / rounding.
  • Time of day rating.
  • Accounting and usage reports to perform settlements with the providers.
  • Periodic reporting includes: ACR, ACD, True ASR, Avg Calls, Max Calls, Min calls.
  • Defined thresholds for alerts in the periodic reports.
  • Reports are sent by email to operational team and optional SMS alerting integration.
  • Call termination cause code reporting to detect network problems.
  • The reports are per destination prefix and a summary for trunk.
  • Operational reports are generated every half an hour.
  • Daily operational report is generated per day.
  • Rating tables per provider's Tech prefix.
  • Operator financial reports per provider, tech prefix, routes.
  • Exporting CDRS from the UI to CSV files.
  • Defining sales persons for providers. Special reports and self care.
  • Provider self care reports and CDR exporting.