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PCRF - Policy and Charging Rules Function

integrated module for ARCB - Convergent Billing

In today's dynamic telecom arena, PCRF is no longer a theoretical concept but a reality. In a constant struggle to improve their bottom line, operators and service providers are looking for flexible and configurable solutions that reduce churn and costs.

Following its long tradition of excellence, Aradial introduced Aradial PCRF, a Policy Control Charging function and network Intelligence as a standalone product or as a part of ARCB. With a customer-centric approach, easy-to-use GUI and excellent performance, Aradial's ARCB is ideal for small, medium and large operators and service providers. The new platform supports open standards and innovative technologies for billing and rating of a rich basket of services, including Mobile 2G/3G, LTE/4G, 5G, Wi-Fi/Hotspots, ISP, VoIP, FTTH/DSL, cable, wireless, fixed wireless and more.

ARCB can be deployed either as an end-to-end real-time billing & PCRF, or as a standalone product integrating with a legacy billing systems or CRM. It is also a high-performance, scalable, and highly available solution that can be rapidly deployed into the IT core and used to introduce new services and products.

Policy Control General

Aradial's PCRF and is easy to deploy and use. Backed by one of the best RADIUS and DIAMETER AAA software on the market today, the solution is flexible and extremely cost effective. The software can be installed on a dedicated computer or virtual machine on-premises or on a cloud-based server.

  • Support of multiplay services
  • Rapid deployment in virtually any environment
  • Flexibility to add features faster than with any other system
  • Excellent support from Aradial's team of experts
  • Easy migration from existing systems
  • Ideal for telecom IP service providers
  • Implemented on-premises or on a cloud server

Rich Functionality in a Cost-Effective Package

Aradial's PCRF is a module of ARCB that allows enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction and reduce churn.

Aradial's converged billing and rating solution caters to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers and to a very wide range of convergent services, including Hotspots, LTE, 3G, WISP, WiMAX, ISP, mobile, VoIP and more on the same platform:

  • Policy Control and charging rules for quota management.
  • Control of network Intelligence rules.
  • Advanced AAA - RADIUS and Diameter Gx/Gy/Rf/Ro.
  • Support Policy 3GPP standard.
  • Combine PCRF and charging.
  • Notification to email, SMS, USSD and applications.
  • Integration with EPC core for LTE using Diameter Gx/Gy, RADIUS or other.
  • Integration with 3G GSSN.
  • Integration with DPI / PCRF.
  • Integration with BRAS, or Access controllers/gateways like Mikrotik, Cisco ASN, Juniper and others.
  • Fully integrated with YATEBTS (LTE, 3G).
  • Fully integrated with Neragon EPC core.
  • Fully integrated with Sandvine (and Procera), Allot, SAISEI and Preseem.

  • Basic applications
  • Fair Usage. Smart Limits / Capping volume, time and money balances.
  • Personalize plans and offers.
  • Services/QoS Differentiation.
  • Limiting and charging applications (e.g. whatsapp, social consumptions, videos, etc).
  • Time of Day / Day of Week.
  • Promotions & Boosters.
  • Enhanced User Experience (sending notifications).
  • User-defined Parental Control policy.

  • Additional features
  • Advanced offering to users based on time, location, accumulated usage, app, attributes, profile.
  • Bandwidth on Demand including booster.
  • Location-based Policies.
  • Zone Charging.
  • Any attribute or subscriber parameter based Policies.
  • Aradial Policy Control Technical
  • Policy Control quotas / bank / volumes / money management.
  • Fast definition of Policy rules, actions and steps.
  • Handles various users' events and notifications.
  • Advanced dynamic policies for active users.
  • Change QoS parameters and policies in real-time.
  • Automatic blocking, suspend and unsuspend.
  • Disconnect.
  • Redirect to Captive portals / Self care.
  • Send balance notifications via email and SMS.

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  • Policy Control Charging Function Flow definition

    aradial pcrf - policy control charging function