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ISP Billing


Wifi, Hotspot, ISP, WISP, LTE
Mobile 2G/3G/4G/5G, IoT, FTTH/ADSL, WiMax, AeroMACS, Voice

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Telecom Billing
ISP Billing, CRM, Radius server, Diameter AAA, PCRF
and Wifi Offloading
for Cellular: LTE/4G/5G, GSM/3G, M2M/IOT and CDMA
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Radius server pricing
Deployment on your own servers or Hosted
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isp billing and Radius server deployment

RADIUS Server, Diameter Server and Convergent/ISP Billing software

radius sever and isp billing

Aradial Technologies, Billing , policy control and AAA software vendor is servicing internet service providers for 20 year.

High-end ISP's with millions of subscribers and Smaller providers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and Network infrastructures.

Aradial offers products that open a whole new set of possibilities for ISPs, MNO/MVNO, Hotspots, WISP, LTE, WIMAX, VOIP, IPTV, ASPs and Wireless LAN. It have been sold for over 1000 operators in 80 countries.

Aradial provides several products that can be purchased sepratly:
  • AAA - RADIUS server and/or Diameter server.
  • PCRF - Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF).
  • ARCB - Fully featured Convergent Billing system includes the AAA and PCRF.
  • Enforcer and Spotngo payment system - Prepaid system with AAA.
  • LTE HSS.
A list of some of the features and modules:
  • Convergent Billing: Prepaid and Postpaid Billing Software.
  • Multiple services: ISP, Wifi, WISP, VOIP, MVNO, Mobile 2G/3G/4G, Wimax and LTE.
  • CRM / Customer service management
  • Tiered role based administration.
  • Automatic invoicing.
  • Trouble ticketing.
  • Inventory management.
  • Workforce management.
  • Online charging server (OCS).
  • Carrier grade RADIUS server / AAA.
  • Carrier grade DIAMETER server.
  • Rule based rating engine.
  • Aradial Policy Controller - PCRF - QoS controller
  • Telephony and VOIP module.
  • Partner management (PRM)
  • Advanced Captive Portal and Self care with responsive design.
  • Refillable top-up voucher cards to refill existing user account.
  • Prepaid Cards.
  • VOIP Calling Cards
  • Credit Card Payments system and Mobile money.
  • LTE compliancy and HSS.
  • Pre-integrated with various DPI and QoS enforcers.
  • CPE/IP devices monitoring.
  • IPv6 support.
  • Learn more: Aradial Convegent Billing

Aradial Radius software benefits are:
  • Easy installation
  • Easy implementation
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to customize
  • Full compliance to standards and devices
  • High performance
  • High Availability and reliability
  • Scalability

Aradial Technologies customers and partners include some of the world's largest corporations, institutions, telecommunications carriers, billing companies and internet service providers.

Aradial solutions infrastructures supports the following services:
  • ISP/FTTH - Broadband, FTTH, xDSl, WISP (e.g. Juniper ERX, Cisco, Redback SmartEdge, ALU, Hauwei, ZTE and others)
  • Mobile 2G/3G - GPRS Wireless or PDSN Mobile operators.
  • MVNO - full billing support integrating with the Core network (e.g. YATEBTS).
  • LTE - Airspan, Telrad, YATE, Neragon, Aricent, EU-CAST, IPLook, Druid, Baicells and other EPC core.
  • WISP & Long distance WiFi (e.g. Ubiquiti, Cambium, Ruckus Wireless, Altai, Mimosa, Aruba, RADWIN)
  • WISP/WiFi Hotspots (e.g. Mikrotik, Nomadix, Colubris, ValuePoint, Linksys, Coova, Chillispot, Zyxel and others)
  • Voice and VOIP providers.
  • DPI -Deep packet inspetion - Preseem, Allot, Procera, Sandvine, SAISEI, Cisco, IPOQUE and others.
  • WiMAX - Airspan, Telrad, Wichorus, Cambium, ALU, Hauwei and more.
  • VSAT - including Hub integration (example: Gilat) and others.
  • Cable Companies.
All of our products technologies are based on:
  • Written in C++
  • Multi Process and Multithreaded technologies
  • Web based User Interface
  • Portable code: Windows, Linux
  • RDBMS: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.
radius server

convergent billing
Aradial Convergent Billing software including Prepaid and Postpaid, Subscription billing, ISP Billing, AAA, PCRF, LTE billing, HSS, CRM and PRM.
Telecom billing

hotspot billing
A special Hotspot Billing Software version, includes RADIUS, captive portal, point of sale for WISP/Hotels/Internet Cafe/3G Wifi offloading...
wifi billing

cellular billing
An adaptation of the Convergent billing and AAA (Diameter & RADIUS) for LTE, LTE HSS, 3G Cellular/Mobile (3GPP, GSM and CDMA2000), PCRF, M2M Billing...
Telecom billing

windows radius server
Top performance full-featured Radius server software. Radius server for ISP, VOIP, DSL / PPPoE / FTTH.
OS: radius server Windows, radius server Linux , radius server Solaris ...
isp billing

Telecom billing
Radius server for VOIP and VOIP billing.
voip billing

wimax billing
Advanced WiMAX radius server and WiMAX billing solutions including AeroMACS...
wimax billing

radius server
Aradial announces version 8.x Converged Billing, Prepaid and Postpaid billing and subscription billing and Policy Control (PCRF) for Telecom Billing.

Aradial RADIUS Server version 8.x is available.

Version 8.x has new user interface and CRM features.

Aradial radius server runs on Virtual machines / VM, Dockers and Openstack (NFV).

HSS for LTE using Diameter or RADIUS.

Wireless LAN, ADSL, FTTH, ISP & VOIP RADIUS Server and Billing version 8.x for Windows and Linux.

PCRF and LTE Billing and charging: DIAMETER server (Gx/Gy/Gz/Ro/Rf).

HSS for LTE Billing and IMS.

Special attractive offers for WISPA (WISPAPALOOZA) customer to support Wifi, LTE, Telrad LTE, Cambium, RADWIN, Ubiquiti (UBNT).

Special module for Wifi offloading include MAP gateway (supports EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA and Diameter Swx).

Special module for AeroMACS including the new AeroMACS FAA standard.

Aradial performs several Mobile Wifi 3G Offloading solution in Africa, APAC and America.

Aradial adds support for Wifi offload using HSS interface Diameter SWx.

Special module for M2M Billing & AAA and advanced business partnering and PRM module.

Low priced Wifi Software solution for Hotspot/Wifi & WISP providers.

Aradial fully supports WIMAX NWG Forum AAA and wimax billing capabilities.

Mikrotik OS full support for Wifi/Hotspot and ISP broadband (PPPoE).

Deployments with Mikrotik, Chillispot based firmware installations (Linksys, Dlink, DD-WRT, PfSense).

Ruckus billing deployments with Zone Director and vSCG.

Aradial radius server deployed with Cisco ASR for multiple projects.

Aradial radius server deployed with Juniper JRX and BNG for multiple projects.

Hotels/internet cafe hotspot billing and internet cafe turnkey solutions available.

Municipal, MUNI, city wide coverage project with Alvarion/Wavion networks.

VOIP Prepaid billing and Termination installations in operators in India and USA.

VOIP Prepaid billing and interconnect installations.

Aradial deploys WIMAX solutions with Telrad and Airspan.

Multiple LTE Billing, mobile GPRS (GGSN) / 3G and CDMA 2000 (PDSN) installations, Wifi 3G offload.

Aradial partners with Alvarion/Wavion Networks for Wifi billing.

Aradial partners with Mage Networks for Wifi billing.

Aradial partners with Altai Networks for Wifi billing.

Aradial partners with Airspan for Wimax & LTE Billling and PCRF.

Aradial partners with Telrad for Wimax & LTE Billling and PCRF.

Aradial integrates with Cambium Billing including Wifi and PMP.

Aradial integrates with Cisco WLC, Meraki, Ruckus, Fortinet/Fortigate and allows Billing.

Aradial added to WISPA.org (WISPAPALOOZA) as a vendor.

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