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Aradial ANY: Convergent Billing,
AAA & Policy Control Function (PCRF)

  • Convergent Billing: Prepaid and Postpaid
  • ANY services:
    Wifi/Hotspot, WISP, FTTH/xDSL, Wide area Wifi
    IPTV, VOIP, Wimax,
    Mobile 2G/3G and LTE
  • Customer service - CRM
  • Voucher management
  • Captive Portal
  • User and Account self care
  • Help desk
  • Partner management
  • Any payment gateway
  • Policy Control - PCRF module
  • RADIUS/AAA module
  • Diameter module
  • HSS
  • Wifi Offloading module
  • CPE/UE location placer
  • Learn more: Aradial Convergent Billing


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Aradial has offices in North America and Europe and partners in Africa, America, Aisa, MET & APAC
our team is available for answers 24/7 via mail

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