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Telikom Papua New Guinea deploys Aradial RADIUS AAA and Policy Controller for Multiplay IP Services

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Toronto, Canada | June 14, 2010: Aradial ( ), a global provider of AAA, billing, user management and policy control solutions for IP service providers (including WiMAX, ISP, mobile 3G data, Wi-Fi, VoIP, cable and IPTV), today announced that leading service provider Telikom Papua New Guinea (PNG) deployed Aradial AAA mediation platform in a joint implementation featuring Amdocs’ Compact Convergence solution integrated by Telrad Networks.

Aradial’s centralized and fully redundant RADIUS/AAA supports Telikom PNG’s newly deployed products and services, including ADSL (BRAS), WiMAX, CDMA mobile Internet for 3G data (PDSN) and broadband satellite, and VAS. The platform receives requests from all elements in the network and connects to Amdocs’ ACC for real-time charging.

“We are very pleased with the results of this joint venture,” said Yishai Levanoni, Aradial’s Chief Technical Officer. “Our RADIUS/AAA platform communicates with all network elements to provide policy control and excellent performance, ensuring that Telikom PNG will be able to support its constantly growing business in a highly competitive market. Moreover, Aradial, Telrad and Amdocs all worked in unison to provide Telikom PNG with a single end-to-end solution that manages all operator products, services and offerings. Undoubtedly, this successful deployment executed in record time is another testimony of the excellent integration capabilities of Aradial’s solutions.”

“Telrad Networks deployed a complex network with Alvarion’s WiMAX 4Motion, Juniper’s JRX ADSL, PDSN and Amdocs’ Compact Convergence IN solution, all of which are controlled by Aradial’s full-fledged RADIUS server,” said Amos Goldman, Telrad’s VP Sales, APAC. “In today’s dynamic market, the integrated network will enable Telikom PNG to significantly increase its service offering to its growing customer base.”  

“The integrated solution will enable us to remain on top of the rich basket of services we offer our customers,” said Peter Loko, Chief Executive Officer, Telikom PNG. “Not only will the implementation allow us to adapt our services to the specific preferences of our customers, but it will do so while keeping our operational costs low and providing us with a pathway for future growth.”

About Telikom PNG Ltd.

Telikom PNG Limited, a 100% government-owned company, replaced the former PTC. Telikom PNG provides public telecommunication services in Papua New Guinea, such as fixed network and CDMA services. In addition to voice telephony services, other leased data circuits and internet services are retailed to local service providers.

About Telrad Networks Ltd.

Telrad Networks has been developing carrier-grade communications equipment for more than half a century. Telrad provides development capabilities that focus on integration of core technologies into standardized, Tier-1 carrier-class products. Telrad is devoted to providing a highly flexible development team, allowing its partners and customers a high level of control in the development cycle and product roadmap. Telrad is a privately-owned company founded in 1951. For more information, visit .

About Aradial Technologies

Aradial Technologies is serving internet service providers since 1997. Both entry-level and high-end service providers with millions of subscribers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and network infrastructures.

With more than 300 deployments in over 70 countries around the world, the suite can be installed on small and affordable hardware, on Windows, Linux or Solaris operating systems, and over a variety of databases. The company’s products open a new window of opportunities for ISPs, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, VoIP and mobile operators. 

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