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Aradial Technologies and Oasis Deploy RADIUS AAA and Policy controller at 012 Smile Communications

The Solution Enhances 012 Smile Network’s Reliability and Scalability to Address the Service Provider’s Growth

Toronto, Canada | April 28, 2010: Aradial ( ), a global provider of AAA, billing, user management and policy control solutions for IP service providers (including WiMAX, broadband ADSL, mobile 3G data, Wi-Fi, VoIP, cable and IPTV), today announced that 012 Smile Communications, a leading Israeli service provider, successfully deployed Aradial’s RADIUS AAA and policy controller to create a scalable and redundant IP-services platform that replaces the operators existing system, which was not capable of stably handling the growing load.

In a joint implementation with Oasis Communication Technologies, a system integrator that engages in the design, implementation and maintenance of highly complex telecommunications systems, Aradial implemented its RADIUS AAA and policy controller in two sites for disaster recovery, each running two redundant Aradial servers for business continuity. The servers in each site run in active/active configuration serving all network elements in the 012 Smile network.

“As one of Israel’s leading communication service providers, we needed a solution that would work well with each of the multiple-vendor systems in our network,” said Boaz Lowenstein , 012 Smile System Manager. “We are a very growth-oriented company, constantly introducing new services into new market segments, and we needed a solution that would handle the specific features of all the routers, switches and other devices in our network. We found Aradial and Oasis-Tech to be excellent partners in the implementation, and Aradial’s RADIUS AAA server is proving to be a flexible and scalable solution that supports our policy of continued growth.”

“We were very happy to have been awarded this project by 012 Smile,” said Tomer Sharon , Oasis' VP Marketing. “As a unique system integrator involved in the telecommunications market with a long list of installations, we took ownership of the entire project from preliminary negotiations, through the sale of the solution, to managing the account and providing first-level support. In line with our approach of cooperating with partners to provide top solutions that are reliable, flexible and cost effective, we were very pleased with our cooperation with Aradial, which implemented the system to 012 Smile’s full satisfaction.”

“This deployment demonstrates, once more, the powerful capabilities of Aradial to serve virtually any system on the market today,” said Yishai Levanoni , Aradial’s Chief Technology Officer. “In 012 Smile, Aradial interfaces with over 300 network access servers (NAS), including multiple Redback SmartEdge devices, Juniper’s JRX, and Cisco’s BRAS and SSG. We have also replaced multiple Juniper Steel Belted and Cisco CAR AAA servers with only two Aradial AAA nodes. The Aradial RADIUS AAA and policy controller is serving one million ADSL, dialup and cable subscribers, enforcing an average of 500,000 concurrent sessions in real time. A true achievement in no uncertain terms.”

About 012 Smile Communications

012 Smile Communications is a growth-oriented communication services provider in Israel with a leading market position that offers a wide range of broadband and traditional voice services. Its broadband services include broadband Internet access with a suite of value-added services, specialized data services and server hosting, as well as new innovative services such as local telephony via voice over broadband and a WiFi network of hotspots across Israel. 012 Smile Communications services residential and business customers, as well as Israeli cellular operators and international communication services providers through its integrated multipurpose network, which allows it to provide services to almost all of the homes and businesses in Israel.

About Oasis Communication Technologies

Established in 2006 by three former executives from Israel’s largest ISP (Internet Gold), today Oasis serves over 300 major customers worldwide, including leading international communication service providers and governmental agencies.

Oasis focuses on three main fields: data and system networking, voice (TDM & VoIP) and security. With decades of experience implementing the latest products and technologies, the company designs and integrates data, voice, video and security solutions. Unlike many other integrators that deliver customized ‘one size fits all’ packages complete with unnecessary services, Oasis provides truly unique, tailor-made solutions that are specifically designed to meet the customers’ exact needs – often making better use of their existing infrastructure.

About Aradial Technologies

Aradial Technologies is serving ISPs since 1997. Both entry-level and high-end service providers with millions of subscribers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and network infrastructures.

With more than 300 deployments in over 70 countries around the world, the suite can be installed on small and affordable hardware, on Windows, Linux or Solaris operating systems, and over a variety of databases. The company’s products open a new window of opportunities for ISPs, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, VoIP and mobile operators. 

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