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Aradial's RADIUS/AAA Mediation System
Goes Live at Nepal Telecom

  • Press Release: 02-12-2009

Toronto, Canada | [02/12/2009]: Aradial (, a global provider of RADIUS server/AAA and policy control solutions for IP service providers (including WiMAX, Internet, Wi-Fi, VoIP and mobile data), today announced that a new billing and CRM solution went live at Nepal Telecom, Nepalís largest telecommunications operator.

The solution is the result of the cooperation between Aradial and UshaComm, a leading provider of convergent billing and business supporting system (BSS) solutions for the telecom industry. The project covers the replacement of Nepal Telecomís old billing system with UshaCommís convergent solution for prepaid and postpaid Internet subscribers and Aradialís RADIUS/AAA mediation system. The implementation will serve Nepal Telecomís 300,000 subscribers, to which the operator provides ADSL, dialup, VoIP and interconnect VoIP services.

Aradialís RADIUS server/AAA mediation solution is a full-featured RADIUS server for IP billing integration. It yields excellent performance and technological superiority and is market leader in its class. The applicationís web-based interface ensures easy connectivity from anywhere, and features a state server that will enable Nepal Telecom to be always in control of its network in real time.

UshaCommís Unicorn end-to-end billing and customer care suite introduced the real-time charging solution deployed in Nepal Telecom. Unicornís real-time charging functionality is suitable for all types of communication networks, including IP, wireless and cable. This functionality is helping the operator to obtain greater control over its revenues. Moreover, Unicornís high accuracy billing engine supports the timely distribution of bills to end customers.

ďThe successful completion of this project is yet another proof of the superb capabilities of our solution,Ē said Yishai Levanoni, Aradialís CTO. ďDespite strong competition, Aradial and UshaComm were awarded the project thanks to the excellent cooperation between our companies and the impeccable integration of our products. UshaComm's CRM and billing solution and Aradialís mediation will help Nepal Telecom grow its ISP business in years to come. The platform supports the provision of prepaid services to the operatorís customers while introducing innovative marketing plans and additional IP services. This is the first time UshaComm and Aradial join forces, but we already have some other joint projects in the pipeline and expect the Nepal Telecom deployment to be the first of many.Ē

About Aradial Technologies

Aradial Technologies serves ISPs since 1997. Both entry-level and high-end service providers with millions of subscribers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and network infrastructures. With more than 300 deployments in over 70 countries around the world, the suite can be installed on small and affordable hardware, on Windows, Linux or Solaris operating systems, and over a variety of databases. The companyís products open a new window of opportunities for ISPs, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, VoIP, and mobile operators. 

About UshaComm

UshaComm is a leading provider of Business Support Systems (BSS) for fixed, mobile, broadband/IP, and cable and satellite markets. UshaComm offers a wide range of convergent and synchronized BSS solutions like retail billing, interconnect billing, mediation, and content settlement. Built on open interfaces, UshaCommís solutions ensure seamless integration into any business environment and help its customers to deliver value and enhance relationships across their business value chain .

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