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Aradial Launches Version 5 of Its Policy and Billing Controller

An innovative AAA, Subscriber Management, Prepaid Billing and Policy Control Product Suite Caters to both Small and Large Service Providers

  • Press Release
  • On 7:32 am EST, Monday November 16, 2009

Aradial v. 5.1 is all-in-one product for online AAA, prepaid billing, payment, balance management and enforcement, user management, and policy control. The suite is offered in three packages:

  • AAA/RADIUS policy controller - advanced AAA with policy enforcement
  • Prepaid Data - advanced AAA with policy enforcement, prepaid billing plans, and a payment system
  • Prepaid Data and VoIP - advanced AAA with policy enforcement, data and VoIP prepaid billing plans, and a payment system

With its advanced external interfaces, the suite was designed for integration with the provider's legacy systems. It has already been preintegrated and deployed with billing systems like FTS' Leap(TM) Billing and FTS Express(TM) (embedded in the solution), UshaComm's Billing, Amdocs Compact Convergence system, and more. Furthermore, the solution can be deployed and maintained without Aradial support and is also offered with a 30-day trial.

Many of the features of version 5.1 were specifically developed to target the growing WiMAX and Long-Term Evolution (LTE, 4G) markets, as well as large ISPs, and to comply with the requirements of next-generation operators. The solution is fully compliant with WiMAX Forum standards WiMAX 16d and 16e NWG 1.2 Stage 3, including the new prepaid standard for WiMAX and hotlining (for more information, see Aradial WiMAX).

"The concept behind Aradial's solution is to offer an affordable system that scales up as demands change", said Tomer Shahaf, Aradial's Director of Sales for North America. "The Aradial suite solves the dilemma of entry-level and medium-size service providers: starting small with minimum investment in infrastructure while scaling up as needs grow, without having to replace their CC&B systems. We have already performed interoperability ecosystem testing with leading WiMAX ASN gateways and deployed the solution with several WiMAX operators. We could not be happier with the results."

Benefiting from Aradial's years of experience in AAA/RADIUS, policy management, user management, and billing, the company is now marketing and selling its products through various channels, including direct sales, value-added resellers, billing vendors, Wi-Fi equipment vendors, and VoIP and WiMAX vendors.

For more information about Aradial products, visit our website at .

About Aradial Technologies

Aradial Technologies is serving ISPs since 1997. Both entry-level and high-end service providers with millions of subscribers can easily integrate Aradial into their IT and network infrastructures.

With more than 300 deployments in over 70 countries around the world, the suite can be installed on small and affordable hardware, on Windows, Linux or Solaris operating systems, and over a variety of databases. The company's products open a new window of opportunities for ISPs, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, VoIP, and mobile operators.

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