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Aradial has offices in North America and Europe and partners in Africa, America, Aisa, MET & APAC
our team is avaiable for answers 24/7 via mail

Aradial Phone  : +1-416-410-3518

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Aradial Convergent Billing

  • Convergent Billing: Prepaid and Postpaid
  • Multiple services: ISP, Wifi, IPTV, VOIP, Wimax, Mobile and LTE
  • Customer service - CRM
  • Voucher management
  • Captive Portal
  • User and Account self care
  • Partner management
  • RADIUS module
  • Diameter module
  • Policy Control - PCRF module
  • IPv6
  • Learn more: Aradial Convergent Billing

Aradial Radius and Enforcer Features

  • Fully featured RADIUS server and optional Diameter server.
  • Support for VOIP, WISP, Wifi / Hotspots, WiMAX, FTTH and DSL on the same platform.
  • Full support for LTE including HSS.
  • Integration with EPC cores and P-GW: Aricent, Telrad, Cisco EPC, Neragon, Star Solutions, ADAX, Patelel Wireless and others.
  • Mobile AAA server for GSM 3G , GPRS (3GPP, GGSN support), CDMA, IOT (Internet of things), LTE.
  • Wifi / Hotspots and WISP: Mikrotik, Ruckus, Cambium, Ubiquiti (UBNT), RADWIN, HP Curve/Colubris, Cisco WLC, Nomadix, Meraki, Ruckus Zone Director, ValuePoint, Planet, ZyXEL, Monowall, Linksys, Chillispot, Coova, PfSense, Buffalotech, Dlink and more.
  • Web role based administration
  • Extended HTML UI for user database and groups of users.
  • High-performance and reliable server.
  • Bandwidth, time and traffic control per group or per user
  • Enforcer: time, volume and expiration enforcement.
  • Customer self care module.
  • Customizable and per location captive portal for Hotspot/Wifi.
  • Supports most Access Points and Access controllers.
  • IPv6 is support.
  • EAP-SIM and AKA support for Wifi offload.
  • Hotspot 2.0 support

Aradial Enforcer Prepaid Voucher managment add-on: Spotngo

A complete integrated solution with the ability for growth.
Spotngo main features are:
  • Aradial Radius server software with time and traffic enforcement.
  • Full solution for Prepaid ISP, WISP, Hotels, Internet Cafe' and providers.
  • Access restrictions based on time and day.
  • Simple generation of users/cards accounts.
  • Prepaid cards life cycle and templates.
  • Top-up / Refillable voucher.
  • Configurable login page portal / Walled Garden.
  • The Ability to brand and advertise your products.
  • Portal supports multiple locations - presenting different portals.
  • Reseller/Dealer.
  • UAM solution for hotspots: Mikrotik, Cisco WLC, HP Curve/Colubris, Cambium, Purewave, Nomadix, Runcom, Meraki, Ruckus Zone Director, ValuePoint, Planet, ZyXEL, Monowall, Linksys, Chillispot, Coova, PfSense, Buffalotech, Dlink and more.
  • Credit Card payment (and PayPal) and pricing plans.
  • Multi merchant gateway support.
  • User Sign-up and Payment using purchased voucher cards.
  • User self care module.
  • Usage reports and statistics.
  • Remote management of radius server and access point gateway.
  • Additional Access Point / Gateways can be added at anytime.
  • Users and card management in a database.
  • Extra users can be purchased as the hotspot grow.

Production site for Hotspots: Aradial & SpotNgo Hotspot access

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