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RADIUS Server software and AAA & RADIUS Billing software & Convergent Billing

radius solution and billing

aaa radius

convergent billing
Aradial Convergent Billing software including AAA, PCRF, LTE support, CRM and PRM.
Telecom billing

hotspot radius server
A special Hotspot Billing Software version, includes RADIUS, captive portal, point of sale for WISP/Hotels/Internet Cafe/3G Wifi offloading...
wifi billing

mobile radius
An adaptation of the Convergent billing and AAA (Diameter & RADIUS) for LTE including HSS, 3G Mobile (3GPP, GSM and CDMA2000), PCRF, M2M Billing...
Telecom billing

wimax billing radius software
Advanced WiMAX radius server and WiMAX billing solutions including AeroMACS...
wimax billing

windows radius server
Top performance full-featured Radius server software. The product for ISP, VOIP, DSL / PPPoE radius servers.
OS: radius server Windows, radius server Linux , radius server Solaris ...
isp billing

Telecom billing
Radius server for VOIP and VOIP billing.
voip billing

radius server
Aradial announces version 7.x Converged Billing, Prepaid and Postpaid and Policy Control (PCRF) for Telecom Billing.

Aradial radius server runs on Dockers and Openstack (NFV).

New Aradial product HSS using Diameter or RADIUS.

Wireless LAN, ADSL, ISP & VOIP RADIUS Server and Billing version 7.x for Windows and Linux.

Carrier class Aradial RADIUS Server version 7.x is available.

PCRF and LTE Billing and charging: DIAMETER server (Gx/Gy/Ro/Rf).

Special module for Wifi offloading include MAP gateway.

Special module for AeroMACS including the new AeroMACS FAA standard.

Aradial performs several Mobile Wifi 3G Offloading solution in Africa, APAC and America.

Aradial adds support for Wifi offload using HSS interface Diameter SWx.

Special module for M2M Billing & AAA and advanced business partnering and PRM module.

Low priced Wifi Software solution for Hotspot/Wifi & WISP providers.

Aradial fully supports WIMAX NWG Forum AAA and wimax billing capabilities.

Mikrotik OS full support for Wifi/Hotspot and ISP broadband (PPPoE).

Deployments with Chillispot based firmware, Mikrotik and installations (Linksys, DD-WRT, PfSense).

Ruckus billing deployments with Zone Director and vSCG.

Hotels/internet cafe hotspot billing and internet cafe turnkey solutions available.

Municipal, MUNI, city wide coverage project with Alvarion/Wavion networks.

VOIP Prepaid and Termination installations in two new carriers in India and USA.

VOIP Prepaid and interconnect installations with VocalTec and Telrad.

Aradial deploys WIMAX solutions with Runcom, Alvarion and Airspan.

Multiple LTE Billing, mobile GPRS (GGSN) / 3G and CDMA 2000 (PDSN) installations, Wifi 3G offload.

Resellers in USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Italy, Australia and Venezuela.

Aradial partners with Alvarion/Wavion Networks.

Aradial partners with Altai Networks.

Aradial partners with Airspan for Wimax & LTE Billling and PCRF.

Aradial partners with Telrad for Wimax & LTE Billling and PCRF.

Aradial integrates with Motorola WIMAX Canopy / Cambium RADIUS and Cambium Billing.

Aradial partners with RADIUS billing and Hardware solutions, please visit partners page.

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